Our Leadership Team

We believe in Team Leadership and have a group of men and women leading the Church at Mount Pleasant.  The leadership team is made up of Elders, who oversee the spiritual health of the fellowship; the Church Treasurer and Secretary along with the Deacons, who ensure that the practical things get done in a way honouring to God.

All on the Leadership Team are expected to live godly lives and meet the standards set out in the Bible, particularly those in 1 Timothy 3.  As leaders they seek to encourage those in the Church to grow in faith and service, using their God given gifts to reach out to those around them and serve each other.  This will undoubtedly be a life-long mission for every believer. Deacons also have responsibilities in several areas of church life.

The Elders are Betty Iveson, Howard Bowen and Andy Cleary. Deacons are Chris & Lynda Chick, with Liz Carmichael as Church Treasurer and Janice Jackson as Secretary

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